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Hire a professional artist for your next project or workshop needs.

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Need an artist who will take pride in their work, follow through with projects and finish things in a timely manner? Look no further, I’m here to help.

I provide a number of creative services and I would be more than happy to take on your next big idea. I’m very familiar with the foundation of art and design and have a background in teaching art classes to kids and adults- the perfect tutor for a kiddo preparing to apply to a visual arts magnet school or a budding artist trying to bulk up their portfolio.

I can arrange meetings and classes at a beautiful venue right off of Charleston I26 or we can meet via Skype chat. Book now via Hubspot by choosing your preferred time and date. All booking times are set for EST. I will reach out to talk details and to finalize the booking and send your invoice (cash.me or paypal payments available) I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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  • “I had seen some of Trina’s artwork, so one day I asked her to paint me a lion because I have never been able to find one I liked enough to buy…I explained to her what I wanted, and when I saw the finished product, I couldn’t have been happier. He’s perfect. He’s beautiful. I told Trina how grateful I was and how he was exactly what I wanted. It’s one of those situations where it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. She told me she painted it with love and I believe her. I know she did. I can tell she did. That’s just the type of person she is. She puts her heart, and more importantly her soul, into everything she does.”

    • -Donna G.
  • “Trina helped guide me when I first started working at Wine and Design and I was impressed with her teaching and customer service skills. She is very creative and a gifted artist. I was also very impressed with my experience in working with Trina on a Fundraiser for The Flowertown Players Theater. Trina curated a pop up art show beautifully and completed set up, exhibition and take down in under 12 hours!”

    • -Heather J.

Available Services

  • Custom Artwork

    Custom Artwork

    Have a project you think I’d be perfect for? I’d love to create a masterpiece for you! Tell me your vision and we will discuss medium and size. The payment will be a deposit on the finished piece.

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  • AP Art Portfolio Prep

    AP Art Portfolio Prep

    Students will bring their current portfolio for review. We will analyze the requirements for the AP Art portfolio together and begin organizing plans for artwork that will apply to those requirements. We will discuss the elements of design, how to correctly photograph artworks for digital display and how to properly prepare a portfolio for submission to the College Board.

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  • Random Doodle Surprise!

    Random Doodle Surprise!

    Can’t make a huge investment but still want to show your support? Purchase a random doodle personally drawn by me. It will include your name as a thank you! What kind of weird drawing will you get? It will be a surprise!

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  • School of the Arts Portfolio / Audition Prep

    School of the Arts Portfolio / Audition Prep

    Students will bring their current portfolio (if available) for review. We will analyze the application requirements for the student’s audition and begin organizing plans for artwork that will apply to those requirements. We’ll prepare for the interview / exam by going over what will be expected of the student, including questions they may be asked and by being familiarized with still life drawings, gestural drawings, sketching, ect.

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  • Sketchbooks 101 (Beginner Friendly Class)

    Sketchbooks 101 (Beginner Friendly Class)

    Want to learn how to be an artist? Your sketchbook is the best place to begin. We will get started personalizing and adding inspiration to your book, incorporating drawing prompts and exercises to get your creative juices flowing. You will provide your own sketchbook. Some essential art supplies will be provided, but it’s encouraged to bring your favorite supplies as well.

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  • Wreck It Party! (For kids or adults)

    Wreck It Party! (For kids or adults)

    Relieve stress and jump start your creativity simultaneously with this exciting artistic experience! You and your party will be provided with your very own brand new copies of Keri Smith’s book “Wreck This Journal.” Each page has a set of directions to follow that will subsequently “wreck” the book - creating unique pieces of art in the process.

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