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Diy Magnetic Makeup Organizer

And other smart makeup organizing ideas

Posted on August 29, 2018
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Possibly the BEST Make up Organization Solution…

Creative organization solutions are a fascination of mine. All over my house- a smattering of strange hangers, wall pockets, homemade bags and plastic dollar store bins. Honestly, it’s pretty awesome. However, there’s one thing I had yet to get quite right…

I was in desperate need of a handy way to store my makeup. I had the classic “crammed makeup bag” syndrome. Technically, everything fit in my bag, but only if I perfectly stacked everything back in a specific order and orientation, Tetris style. Just not very convenient when I’m in a hurry to finish my look before a night out and I have a pile of products strewn about, expecting to be tediously placed back in my bag before I leave.

By a stroke of genius (or should I say by scroll of Pinterest) I came across this clever solution and I knew it would be perfect to suit my needs. As a bonus, it’s on the cheap. I made use of some items I already had around the house only spent $10 on the rest of my supplies. Read on for how I made this cute magnetic makeup organizer and other stylish beauty storage solutions.

Crystal Mermaid Unicorn Chic Magnetic Board and Organizers

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Brighten Up A Balcony Garden

Posted on August 7, 2018
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All this random furniture (and even some of the plants) were found for free.

Ideas hand picked from my garden garunteed to liven up any balcony or small porch.

I’ve been cleaning up my balcony this summer. It was what could be expected of a small back porch - cluttered, dusty, and not very hospitable. A year ago, I set up some Halloween decorations and never took them all down. Then, my neighbor spilled a whole drink off their balcony and it got all over my seat cushions and chairs. All past attempts at plants had died during a surprise winter snow. Dead plants, weird stains. My balcony was a mess.

I decided that enough was enough and from now on I would be one of those “cool neighbors” with a fancy, stylish balcony. Except, I don’t wanna pay for anything if I can help it and the rest has to be DIY. And I’ll need color - lots of it. And new plants. Now I’ve got a theme. Artsy Hippie Boho Chic.™

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far. A flurry of simple crafts and ideas that helped make my drab, dusty balcony into something more warm, inviting and vibrant. Perhaps they can help you transform your balcony or patio into something more fun, too…

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Reupholstery With Racheal

Featuring artist Racheal B.

Posted on May 22, 2018
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Refurbishing tips for total newbies and beginners

Everyone knows crafting is better with a friend- and sometimes you just need a few extra hands!

Before the reupholstering

My good friend Racheal had this crusty little ottoman with good bones, all it needed was a bit of love. She found it on curb alert - its leather exterior has worn and cracked, but on the bottom it still clearly has a $60 price tag from Ross.

After a day’s worth of work and fiddling around, trying different things until it was perfect, we came up with this beauty. Pretty dramatic difference if you ask me:

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