Cobbled Heart Phoenix

I gravitate towards the symbol of the phoenix often. I love how it completely burns down into ash before it is reborn into a new creature. I relate to this bird - I’ve burned myself up and rebuilt from scratch more than once in my life. To me, the phoenix not only represents rebirth, but unshakable strength in the face of adversity, and I deeply admire that quality.

The phoenix’s cobbled heart has been smashed apart and carefully put back together again many times. We must forgive ourselves for the mistakes we made in order to appreciate how gracefully we were able to recover - not always perfectly, but good enough to get up and fly again.

Perhaps pieces of the cobbled heart are gone and lost forever. But every now and then, you must remember to rebuild, Phoenix. Pick up a tiny pebble with your long slender beak and tuck it right into the crack of your cobble stoned heart. A little bit closer to complete.


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